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Excerpts of raw, uncut footage from the KQED documentary Bad Moon Rising, produced by Steve Talbot in 1981, which examines a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan and racially motivated hate crimes in California. Features sccenes of Talbot interviewing Lieutenant Robinson and Sargent Poole of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department, about violent racial incidents against African American families and institutionalized racism within the department. He also interviews a Miss Watkins, who serves as Head of the Black Deputy Association of Contra Costa County. She explains they have filed a law suit against the Sheriff's Department because of frustration over delays in addressing racial problems in the Tara Hills neighborhood.

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16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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documentary film
KQ 738-2

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Great old footage ! Thanks from khanapara teer result

I apologize all.  Typo.  I meant to say "Not much has changed at the Sheriff's Office in regards to Institutionalized Racism" it is alive & well.  The moral compas of some of the officers who are sworn to serve and protect you, the public...don't hesitate for one second when it comes to destroying the reputation or career of a colleague.  Any chance of recognition, favor or promotion for cutting your partner's throat not only allowed but is encouraged and supported by the admin staff.  Speak up for justice.  OUR VOICE....OUR LEGAGY...OUR FUTURE

Not much has changed in regards to the "institutionalized racism" at CCC Sheriff's Office has changed much.  New admin same old behavior.  There is one African American Woman Lieutenant... She's from the south and an amazingly kind person...yet each time she stands up against "the man" she is slapped down like a runaway slave.  It's really sad to watch.  Other employees are so afraid of the "in crowd"and their IRON FIST....everyone cowers in silence while the political train runs this lady's criminal.  Very, very sad. Did I mention she's the 1st and only Black woman ever to reach this rank....the community of Alamo was outraged when the blatant discrimination started...but even their letters to the sheriff...fell on deaf ear. 

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