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Native American Employment Discrimination


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This is an Excellent Video Archive.

  Plainly shows Racial Discrimination that is ongoing to this DAY!  More Native Americans in Jail or Prison than in Federal Jobs also accurate to this Day!  

    President Obama Promised, both on Campaign and at the Department of the Interior, on November 5, 2009,.. on which day he publicly SIGNED A DIRECTIVE to "All his Agencys, to WORK WITH NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE" . To" Honor Broken Treatys".  etc.   Not a MONTH later the IRS SEIZED 20 % of the Crow Creek Reservation for alleged "Back Taxes". Since WHEN did Native Americans have to Pay Taxes to Farm their OWN  LAND!   It is Now April 8, 2010 and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! Not for American Indians ANYWHERE! The "Cobell Settlement"  is a pittance of what "Reparations" the Federal Government should by Law,  Pay to Tribes and Nations within the United States! TWO CENTS on the DOLLAR!   It is Demeaning, Ridiculous and personifies Racial Discrimination in every way! This MUST END NOW!  If African Americans were treated this way there would be riots!   The United States MidWest area is the "Alabama of the North ".  Signs are Still posted  "No Indians or Dogs allowed "..Signs on Bridges crossing Missouri River saying;  "No more than 3 Indians allowed at a time, If more than 3 it will be considered an Act of War". I find it highly offensive and patronizing; when the President of the United States of America is ( on Film & in Public)  making a joke of the Chiefs and Leaders saying words to the effect "they will go Party" after the meeting.I find it Offensive and patronizing that President Obama "Promises" PUBLICLY  to "improve Reservation Conditions" and Never gets around to it!  That is what I say about this Matter.

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