Organizing communications at SF State

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KQED reports on a demonstration by members of faculty at SF State College and an announcement to students about an opportunity for them to have input into the decision making process. A member of faculty asks for volunteers to communicate the news around campus, as there is no PA system. President Robert Smith talks to reporters about the class discussion groups that will consider proposals for a conference. An angry student questions why the member of faculty speaking didn’t insist that classes were cancelled during convocation. She explains she didn’t know this was the case. The current situation with regards to the Black Students Union, the police presence on campus and Mayor Alioto is related to the crowd in a series of ‘live’ updates. This footage presents an excellent illustration of how events on campus were influenced by the difficulties everyone concerned had in communicating with each other.

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16mm, b&w magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KQN 134a

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