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Excerpt from KPIX's daytime program Dance Party with Dick Stewart, from c1962. Features scenes of Stewart introducing Rod McKuen's pop single 'Oliver Twist' and teenagers from Sir Frances Drake High School in San Anselmo, CA dancing to the song. 'Oliver Twist' reached No. 76 on the US. singles chart in early 1962. Please note: this is the only surviving footage the TV Archive preserves featuring scenes from KPIX's Dance Party.

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I would love to be able to see the video where Dick Stewart opened a gift of a baby blanket I sent to him for the birth of his daughter. Our tv went out at the time and I missed it. My school friends were able to see it. I was disappointed that I did not see that episode. Any chance of seeing it now?

Bruce McDermott died this past December 2020. A 1960s Regular.

I was on the show. Is there a way to search dates? It was in the 80’s.willing to purchase name was Diane Wilson then

This is really amazing !! I am looking for a video of my dad winning Chubby Checker dance shoes on an episode of Dance Party with Arroyo High School in 62 or 63. 

I’d love to see more videos or hear from anyone that danced with my mom, Lotus Schaffer from Redwood High School.  She was probably on the show in 1962-63.

Dance don ed Randall's dance party late 50's for 2 years. Great fun. Met a lot of singer's and went to a lot of sock hop's.

A friend & I went to S.F. Dance Party Show two or three times in 1961/62

I used to be on Dick Stewart's (and also Ted Randall's) KPIX Dance Party back in the late 50's, early 60's!  I would come down with my high school friends from Montgomery High in Santa Rosa or Drake High School in San Anselmo on a bus, and we would all line up out in front of the studios on Van Ness Ave.  I remember Joey & Joanna and Gary Poole & his sister as regulars.  Later in my life, I continued the tradition and became a regular on TV20 KOFY 50's Dance Party in San Francisco for 5 years, and then after that and until today, have been a regular on TV20 KOFY 80's Dance Party since 2012!  I'll probably still be rockin' & rollin' when I'm using a walker! 

I used to go to Dance  Party  back in the 80's early 90's also. My brother had all the vcr tapes of the show but he passed and I kick myself for not keeping them all. I only have a few. I called to see if KOFY still saved them but they don't :(  We had so much fun back then.

My name is Carolynn (Pini) Bergamaschi.

I was a regular on the original KPIx Dance Party with Dick Stewart from 1957-1960. I met my husband (Burgie) there who passed away at the age of 29. My children would love to see some videos of their dad dancing. Since they were only 4 & 5 years old when he died. My daughter and I have tried several times by letters and phone calls to obtain a video from SFSU. We were told we would have to come to find them ourselves. My daughter is disabled withMultiple Sclerosis and does not remember her dad that well since she was very young. It would mean the world to her. Please advise how we can obtain these. 

I am looking for any video from Dick Stewart's KPIX Dance Party.  I would prefer a DVD copy.  Thanks.  Anne

I also used to be on Dance Party from  89 until 92. I would like to find out how to get copies of some of the old shows especially the 1991 or 1992 taping at the San Mateo County Fair. 

Robyn - please contact me directly to discuss obtaining a DVD copy of this clip:

I was on your show and would like to buy some dvds if I could please let me know how? thank you Robyn.

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