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Portrait: My Enchanted City


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thanks for the trip back to my 5 year old self! I recall this from 1960 or so. I think I still have "test pressings" of this record that "skiped" badly. I played this record 100s of times, mostly because it was the only record we had.

I found the original LP of this at Salvation Army and it's fabulous, campy, unintentionally naughty and makes me love San Francisco even more. I'm going to digitize the vinyl so if someone wants an mp3 of it email me.

Thanks for all your comments. The TV Archive found no paperwork or records with this 16mm film print. Just a can of film: pulled from beneath a christmas tree, in a stairwell at KRON-TV's building on Van Ness Avenue. The station re-located permanently from Van Ness last month.

@Sterling Vaden   The correct date of "the Album" is 1958. 

I am confused about this article. I have acquired a presentation copy of the LP "San Francisco My Enchanted City" which has a banner across the top stating: "Presented to a Distinguished Friend of San Francisco by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and KGO - TV, American Broadcasting Company". This seems to conflict with the information in this article, and the KRON banner on the video. Was the 1968 broadcast was a later one? The date of the LP seems to be 1958 which was determined by reference to the Don Sherwood page on the Bay Area Radio Museum page: in which his narration on the second side of the LP is dated 1958. This would seem coincide with his employment time at KGO TV. Was this special originally aired on KGO TV?

My parents are Stephen and Libby McNeil and they received the keys to the City from Mayor Christopher.

The first time I heard this was in 1958 as a sound recording. It was my first year in San Francisco fresh from my first year in college in Portland, OR. The title stayed with me all this time - from my time in the cast of the San Francisco Lamplighters, living in an old horse car out on 48th Ave., my year at SF State, my marriage and home in Noe Valley, on to NY show business, for 55 years until now retired back in Portland.  As the final song says My Enchanted City of San Francisco will always be my home.

I have a recording I found of this sound track heard here.  I am really looking for the recording Her Cain made, "San Francisco, My Enchanted City" where he recites a poem making "love" to the City.  Can this still be found?  I had a tape of it but it was distroyed.

This, though, is a great reminder of my love for the "City by the Bay".   seeing the old photos bring back such a wash of memories over me.  From my first summer at San Francisco State College and staying in a lovely private home on Upland Drive that is still there. 

Thank  you for shareing it with  us.   Such fond memories it gives mem!  This kind of thing is what is needed today for the young who can never  realize  such fond thoughts!

Ken Funk

I'm not sure how I found this site, but I'm glad I did! I've also seen the portrait of Sonoma County. Do you have any others of the area, like Alameda, Santa Cruz, or Santa Clara counties? If so, I'd sure love to see them.

Thank you for all you are doing to preserve the television history of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area. 

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