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Please note: there are occasional sound and picture faults throughout this clip, caused by warpage of the original 16mm film stock. KRON-TV Shell News Report from 1957, presented by Tom Franklin, reviewing local news items in the Bay Area. This daily report shows views of the San Francisco Chronicle's City Room and includes news features relating to: abandoning the 'scramble' system of pedestrians crossing streets in downtown San Francisco; Private William Gerard's return to San Francisco following a criminal conviction in Korea; a presentation of the Eureka passenger ferry to the San Francisco Maritime Museum; Golden Gate Park's buffalo herd; Circuit Judge Tom P. Brady (Mississippi) speaking in favor of racial segregation at the Commonwealth Club; Governor Walter A. Gordon (U.S. Virgin Islands) speaking for integration; the murder on Dunes Beach (San Mateo) of Mrs Carola Hartog; a Billy Graham speech to ministers in San Francisco; a Jewish New Year ceremony at Temple Sherith Israel in San Francisco; the last game of the San Francisco Seals in San Francisco; racing from Golden Gate Fields and comic scenes of Franklin interviewing cyclist Ron Wollen of Brooklyn, whilst riding his bike along a city street.

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KRON: Shell News Report (1957)I love old movies ;) thank you so much!.

My Dad, Dr. Tom Groody had a science show Science in action at that time. He was not involved with the weather. That was Lou Hurley who last ended up on The Hurley bird for KGO radio and did commercials for Dog food with his basset hound Myrtle. Best that I recall and from Photos. 

Saw Tom Franklin and later Art Brown doing this newscast which I

believe came a weekly magazine wrap-up on KRON. Particularly

recollect the can of Shell X-100 Motor Oil in place on the set. Of

course this is part of my boyhood memory. I remember a map which

lighted the 9 Bay area counties when a switch was thrown. Are there

any kines of Dr. Tom Groody the KRON weather guy who featured

Louie  the LOW and Harold the High on his daily evening chalk talk

forecasts? We can thank the BACH Auricon camera for the location

footage it  made sound 16mm film possible for local TV stations.

Very useful information for everyone. Thank you for willing to share insights to me.

Regards Margahayuland

The film is a treasure of incalculable value.  I have used it to modify the KRON-TV Wikipedia article as follows:"KRON-TV News went on the air in September 1957, from a studio in the San Francisco Chronicle building at Fifth & Mission streets.  The KRON-TV news department was located thirty feet from the ''Chronicle'' city desk.  "Liaison is close, effective and fast," said a KRON-TV promotional film from the era. KRON-TV produced six daily newscasts at the time.  The 6 p.m. newscast was "Shell News," sponsored by "your neighborhood Shell dealer."See "KRON: Shell News Report (1957)," San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive:  Tom Franklin was "Shell News reporter" from the studio at the ''Chronicle'' and in filmed field reports.  Franklin began the broadcast standing next to a San Francisco Bay Area map.  Franklin announced, "Greetings from your neighborhood Shell dealer." Lights were illuminated on the map next to the various cities that were to be featured in the newscast.  Franklin anchored most of the program from behind a desk that had a large Shell logo next to a "Tom Franklin" name plate.  A Shell "X-100" oil can sat atop the desk throughout the newscast.  Live portions were used for late bulletins from the ''Chronicle'' city desk or for local and regional stories not suitable for film treatment.  [[John Philip Sousa]]'s "Semper Fidelis" was the theme music for "Shell News."  The voice over at the close stated that "Shell News" had been "brought to you by the combined facilities of the KRON-TV News Department and the ''San Francisco Chronicle''." Some of the stories covered by KRON-TV's "Shell News" in 1957 included the end of the "pedestrian scramble" system at downtown San Francisco street intersections, the end of the San Francisco-Oakland Southern Pacific railroad passenger ferry and the final game of the San Francisco Seals baseball team (to be replaced by the San Francisco Giants in 1958)."

Tom Franklin was wifes brother. It was melancholy watching and listening to Tom's newscast. We always enjoyed Tom's letters  especially when he travelled around the world and so eloquently wrote about what he had seen and been to. Thanks for sharing the past via 'telly' as Tom would so aptly put it.

Howard Shapiro,

Portland, Oregon

I was extrememly excited to watch this news clip! I am the granddaughter of Tom Franklin, but have never seen any clips from his reporting days. This is very special and I can't wait to share it with the rest of my family!

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