Brown & Reagan predict campaign outcome

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KPIX News report by Nancy Clark featuring gubernatorial campaigning by incumbent Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan on November 7th 1966, one day before the election. Includes scenes of Clark interviewing Brown and Reagan, asking them to try and predict the election's outcome and both men giving speeches to crowds. Ends with a reporter informing Reagan of Brown's recent claim that he's: "an image created by slick publicity men," to which Reagan replies: "It might come as a shock to the governor to find out that I'm still writing my own speeches and that no one on our side has made any effort at all to alter my philosophy or suggest what I should or shouldn't say or believe. I'm still talking the issues as I have seen them since before I even became a candidate." Reagan went on to win the campaign in a landslide victory.

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16mm b&w co-magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KPIX 29673

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