Salinas lettuce workers dispute

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KQED News report from Salinas (California) on December 11th 1970 featuring an interview with a United Farm Workers spokesman, who explains that organizing committees are continuing to function despite the fact that César Chávez is in jail. He describes the crippling piece work that lettuce workers must endure in the fields, which causes much higher rates of back disability than with other farm workers and also states that his union has banned the use of D-24 pesticide, which is manufactured by Dow (Bud Antle Inc.’s parent company). There is an interview next to farm fields with a member of the celery pickers committee, who says joining the union has meant a significant increase in wages. An anti-boycott protester (wearing a badge that reads: “a salad a day keeps the boycott away”) is asked about his opinion regarding Chávez and replies: “Myself, I don’t like what he represents. I personally, like I say, I’m a United States citizen. I belong to a United States of America. Not some other country and not some other party.” He also makes the point that smaller farmers and middle-men are being hurt financially because of this dispute. Ends with scenes of a Bud Antle spokesman trying to explain the position of his company regarding the current dispute.

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