Murder in Los Gatos

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from October 20th 1969 by Dave Monsees in Los Gatos (Santa Clara County) featuring views of a crime scene where a young girl was murdered in a vineyard. Includes an interview with a detective who expresses doubt that this killing is connected to the Zodiac murders.

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16mm, color co-magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KPIX 100468

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The Zodiac Killer added 2 Murders claiming up to the end of October he had murdered 7 people and at least 1 of those he specified was in August it is quite possible he took responsibility for this and at least one other Murder in this area or possibly took responsibility for a double murder in this area I am interested to know what the man was talking about when he said “a connection to the murders we had here back in August.” I would like to know the Victim’s names as I try to Identify 13 of Zodiac’s claimed victims so far I can possibly reach 10 a double murder in August plus this girl would reach 13.

Wow... Shelly was my aunt. Unfortunately i never got to meet her. The police ended up staying with the theory that it was dogs... ridiculous. She was stabbed about 100 times and scalpped...

I'm inclined to almost think it came from the victim?????? Did this cartoon cop DO ANYTHING to determine whether it came from the victim or some other person, thereby increasing the likelihood of murder?  Or did they make up their minds already, no proof required? God Almighty, the Bay Area is a criminal's wet dream.

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