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Jesse Unruh on Property Taxes

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Jason: we remastered all the film elements that survived from this news shoot. Originally, they would have been separated into 3 or 4 film 'chains', which would run simultaneously during the news broadcast. The station would cut (live) from chain to chain, in order to make sense of the sound & images. One of these chains presumably included the missing sounds of the speaker. It is highly probable that the rest of these film chains from this shoot were destroyed, before the KPIX Collection came to SF State in the 1980s. These are indeed fragments of a news report, selected by chance rather than design.

A year later, in 1970, Jesse Unruh would be the Democratic nominee for California governor against Gov. Ronald Reagan.  This seems not to be a finished, complete report.  Instead it seems to be a string of related film concerning Assemblyman Unruh's visit to the Rotary Club in Redwood City.  The "cutaways" seem to be imperfect by modern standards.  Note that the shots of Rotarians eating seem to include sound that is inconsistent with the clips preceding and following them.  Today in a finished, complete television news story the sound of the speechmaker would be continued over the shots of the spectators.

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