Supervisor Race: Dianne Feinstein & Dorothy von Beroldingen

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from October 24th 1969 by Rollin Post in San Francisco featuring candidates for the Supervisor elections. Includes interviews with Dianne Feinstein on Lombard Street and Dorothy von Beroldingen in her offices, overlooking the Bay Bridge.

Type of material
archival news film
16mm, color co-magnetic silent/sound film
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KPIX 100502

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Wonderful clips of both of these outstanding females! I was Dorothy's associate in her law office for many years. She was a treasure to be around  - a truly brilliant person. In her capacity as Chair of the Finance Committee, I know how very  much she sincerely cared for the best interests of the senior citizens of the city.I also recall that when Feinstein and Alioto were vying for the mayoralty position, Dorothy backed Dianne even if it were not the most prudent thing to do politically at the time She simply felt that Dianne was more qualified.Both of these individuals, Dorothy and Dianne, are true examples of the best in politics that San Francisco has been fortunate enough to generate.

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