Interview about John Buchanan's Comments on Pearl Harbor

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Please note: this clip ends with a sequence of original dialogue and a freeze frame from the report. This was done to compensate for a badly damaged picture. KPIX Eyewitness News report from June 7th 1977 in Hollister (San Benito County, California) featuring brief scenes from an interview with a teacher, who reflects on controversy surrounding comments by a history teacher John Buchanan, about the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in 1942.

This 16mm newsfilm had been marked by the TV station as featuring an interview with Dr Kenneth Casanega. We'd like to thank his son David for contacting us to point out this is incorrect. The man being interviewed remains unidentified.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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Date aired
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KPIX 136701

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I would like to share your article with my friend and I hope people like your article and give good feedback.

Those who seek office are exactly the type of people who should be barred from office.

The facts are incorrect on this archive. My father was the principal and superintendent of the San Benito Joint Unified School District during this time period. This event occurred in Hollister, CA and not Napa, CA.  My father was a principal at Napa High School until 1970.  I am not sure who the person in the video clip is but I am certain that he is not my father.

David Casanega

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