Erotic Film Festival (1970)

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from December 2nd 1970 by Mike Lee and Ben Williams featuring the first San Francisco Erotic Film Festival. Includes scenes of people arriving at the Presidio Theater for a premiere, Hibiscus and Tahara from The Cockettes singing 'By a Waterfall' and interviews with organizers and Supervisor Dianne Feinstein, who states: "The thing that I regret ... is that this whole field is jeopardized right now because of the irresponsibility of certain money hungry people ... who are capitalizing on sickness to sell their very depraved wares."

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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Originally aired on
KPIX 103824

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I had no idea that the first festival of that sort was first brought to life in San Francisco. San Fran is a wonderful city. I often drive from my work at mold removal Kansas City to there to different types of festivals on the weekends.

And Feinstein hasn't been laid since.. 

The article is really unique and interesting.

The licensing agreements we struck with all of our copyright holders specified that we are legally obliged to add these ‘bugs’, otherwise we couldn’t release any clips to the public.The current alternative would be not viewing the clips at all. The Bay Area TV Archive raises all the necessary funding and does all the digital restoration work in order that this unique local heritage can be made available online. We will continue to try and improve our services. 

Shame on this "archive" for ruining the footage with constant logo bugs on the picture! Channel 5 didn't even have a website in 1970!

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