Men's Roller Derby Game (1971)

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from October 11th 1971 featuring scenes of crowds enjoying a men's roller derby game.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color, magnetic sound film
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Date aired
Originally aired on
KPIX 106475

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My guess would be this was the semi-finals of the '71 Western Season playoffs between the Red Devils & Braves. The KPIX clip says October, '71, but am sure the 'new' reorganized season started back East in October. Anyone know WHEN the '71 Playoffs were held in the Bay Area???  The Bay Bombers beat the Red Devils in double overtime for the title. O'Connell was not skating, but Buddy, Jr. & Hein were leading the Bomber men.

Excellent footage.  This is the year I discovered the sport of Roller Derby.  Always exciting I really miss the game.  The leagues today are no comparison.  Even the retro league in the San Francisco Bay Area are nothing compared to what we saw back then!  Wow if only there were tapes of that era to sell!  You be surprised there is a market out there for them!  Thanks for saving this!  A real piece of history!

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