Canyon Revisited

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from March 5th 1973 by Bill Hillman featuring a visit to the community of Canyon, located in the hills between Oakland and Moraga CA, on the Pinehurst Road. Also includes scenes of Hillman interviewing local resident Barry Smith and others about what it's like to live there. Smith reflects that: "Probably when people start coming out here on the BART trains, looking for a place to live, little valleys like this one aren't gonna be here anymore ... They're not really making any provision for any open land at all. And by the time it's too late, people are gonna realize that the very reasons for why they moved out to suburbia in the first place are gone."

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color, co-magnetic silent/sound film
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KPIX 111323

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Time has proven Barry Smith's knowledge of society to be much more reliable than that represented by Bill Hillman in this video. Not only were the hippies right, they were often exactly right on matters which establishment assumed to be opposite. The hippies are still right. Thank you Barry--I was listening; RIP.

Very useful information for everyone. Thank you for willing to share insights to me.

Regards Margahayuland

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