American Revolution 2: Battle of Chicago

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Part I of a three part, un-narrated documentary film produced by the Film Group, Inc. Chicago, about events during and after the August 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Includes scenes of mass demonstrations, fighting between protestors and police, Dick Gregory leading crowds across town towards his house and a speech by Mayor Richard J. Daley, confirming that "shoot to kill" orders were issued to law enforcement officers. Also features interviews with the African American community and local chapter of the Black Panther Party, who describe their experience of living with racism in the USA. One woman (holding up a pump action shotgun) states: "I just want to get with blacks and black liberation ... I'm a mother. I have my baby in one hand, my gun in the other and walking up to ... all honkies saying I'm here motherfucker, to get what's mine!" Part I is also subtitled 'A few honkies get their heads beat' and contains harsh language.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm b&w, optical sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Original Black Panther Party
Date aired
Originally aired on
Film Group, Inc. Chicago

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