People Are Talking: Walter Cronkite

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An episode of KPIX-TV's People Are Talking show featuring an interview with the broadcast journalist and former CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite (1916-2009), presented by Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan on October 25th 1990. Includes scenes of Cronkite discussing: his childhood aspirations to be a journalist; his youth and education in Missouri and Texas; being a correspondent for United Press during World War II; his recollections of General George S. Patton; the first Gulf War; the 1983 US invasion of Grenada; issues of military censorship; the meaning of 'liberalism'; his wife Betsy Cronkite and family. Cronkite is joined by his friend the artist Ray Ellis, with whom he has just co-authored a book called 'West Wind'. They go on to talk about censorship of the arts.

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