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Yosemite: The First People

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(1) Chief Tenaya was a Mono Lake Paiute.(2) Vowchester a.k.a. Chief Bautista aided James Savage to help capture Tenaya. (3) History should also include the 1890 petition of the Yosemite Indian's claim to Yosemite National Park.(4) Documentation shows - There are no Yosemite Miwoks. (5) The upcoming proposed Indian Center in Yosemite should include photos of PokoTucket a.k.a. Captain John who was the last historic chief of Yosemite, 1878. (6) NPS of Yosemite are using Paiutes to depict Miwok Culture.

It should also be noted that the original Ahwahnee's and Tenaya's band fled to their homeland of Mono Lake, were they were absorbed into the Mono Lake population in 1854, but had always inhabited Yosemite National Park as their traditional homeland. This principal is based on the earliest written accounts of the Mariposa Battalion's Lafayette Bunnell. 

Today, the National Park Service, is in the process of rewriting the history of the Yosemite Indians; committing cultural genocide and other atrocities against this great nation. They instead are consulting with an unrecognized Indian group / non profit organization, who have been making decisions a federally recognized group should  be  doing.

This film quotes Lafayette H. Bunnell's book "The Discovery of Yosemite" but fails to quote accurately!  At 4:32, the film fails to state Tenaya was born at Mono Lake and was a Mono Lake Paiute. This film fails the true historical aspects of Bunnell's book which never mentioned the word "Miwok" but however documents the true history of the Yosemite Mono Lake Paiute! When Tenaya created the Pah Ute colony of Ahwahnee, he created this band out of Mono Lake Paiutes, not Miwoks. It appears as if this film was created to satisfy one the 7 points for Federal Recognition and this station bought into the lie, hook, line and sinker. The point would be to illustrate how the non profit American Indian Council of Mariposa still practice their "Traditional Ways." So odd how the members who are Paiute now call themselves Miwoks.

Why don't they watch from Yosemite to Mariposa if they are Miwok? Why do the Miwoks walk the same path the Mono Paiutes entered Yosemite Valley if they are Miwoks? That is because the original Indians of Yosemite were PAIUTES, not Miwoks.

How do you think the white Mariposa Battalion FOUND Chief Tenaya and his village? The Miwok were the scouts and workers for the whites and LED them to Tenaya and his people who were hiding out.

Read that in Lafayette H. Bunnell's book "The Discovery of Yosemite". In the book it is DOCUMENTED that Tenaya was the founder of the PAIUTE Colony of Ahwahnee and that Tenaya spoke PAIUTE and that his band was made of Monos and Paiutes, not Miwoks. That is in the book noted in the final credits, yet the video said Tenaya's band were they weren't. They were Paiutes. Miwoks were AFRAID of the Ahwahneechees and were the Indians that called the Ahwahneechees the "Yosemites". In Miwok Yosemite means 'THEY ARE KILLERS' because they were afraid of them.

So the Miwoks were not the original Indians of Yosemite, but it was the Mono Lake fact that is where Tenaya was where was that in the video?

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