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Please note: This 'kinescope' recording was originally made in 1953 by filming the picture from a live video monitor. The picture quality - especially sharpness - is much lower than the rest of our footage produced on 16mm film. KPIX-TV and the San Francisco Museum of Art presents a program in the 'Discovery' series about the history and influence of jazz music in American culture, hosted by Dr Lloyd Luckmann with Phil Elwood. Features George Lewis and his Ragtime Jazz Band (who were in residency at San Francisco's Hangover Club) performing five songs: 'Careless Love'; 'Panama Rag'; 'Bugle Boy March'; 'Closer Walk With Thee' and 'Ice Cream'. Also includes brief interviews with Lewis and Avery "Kid" Howard and scenes of Barbara Gifford introducing the museum's different musical programs.

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16mm b&w, optical sound kinescope film
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KPIX 146826

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WOW  Wonderful to look and listen to the George Lewis band on this video, George is my favourite clarinet of all time, Im so lucky that I meet him and listened to him live on his tours in UK when I was a young Man.



Brian Carrick

This was the band we (JEGGPAP New Orleans Jazz Band) listened to  50 years ago!

Thank you for posting this. Phil Elwood kept writing about jazz until his death in 2006. His presence is certainly missed by the music community.

Awesome, thanks for showing!

Just marvellous, sensational!!

unbeliavable, never thought to watch ever such a great original picture from the best new orleans jazz band off all times. thank you very much!

Merveilleux. Merci.

Kinda wish they could have spoken to the musicians for longer. . .

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