Discovery: The Graphic Arts

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Please note: This 'kinescope' recording was originally made in 1953 by filming the picture from a live video monitor. The picture quality - especially sharpness - is much lower than the rest of our footage produced on 16mm film. KPIX-TV and the San Francisco Museum of Art present an episode in the 'Discovery' series about the graphic arts, hosted by Dr Lloyd Luckmann from the graphics arts workshop at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Includes scenes of instructor James 'Budd' Dixon introducing students John Russell, Nancy Moorehouse and Roy De Forest, who demonstrate different techniques of making lithographs, etchings and engravings. Also features an interview with School Director Ernest Mundt who explains the distinction between abstract and representational forms and gives a brief history of printing. Ends with a message from San Francisco Museum of Art Trustee Mrs. Henry Potter Russell, who explains that they wanted to use the "latest means of communication" to reach a wider audience for this series. This was the final episode in a series of 13 programs and shows how the end credits sequence was filmed live.

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16mm b&w, optical sound kinescope film
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KPIX 146822

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