1-inch & 3/4-inch tape comparison

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A split screen comparison showing the difference in picture quality between two different video formats, featuring the same footage of Darryl Cox discussing African American fathers, on June 8th 1989. Visible to the left of screen is a 3/4-inch video copy (lower quality) and playing to the right of screen is a 1-inch video master (higher quality). It can be seen that the 1-inch video provides higher resolution than the 3/4-inch copy and thus more visual detail. This effect is most noticeable when looking at the cloth of Darryl Cox's jacket. The white stitching lines are more clearly apparent to the right of screen. This clip was sourced from a KPIX-TV Bay Sunday Show titled 'Black Fathers', which is already available to view in DIVA.

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1-inch Type C video tape and 3/4-inch video tape
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The 2 videotapes were recorded on the same spot & position? I gotta ask to know that how did you do this?

Very useful information for everyone. Thank you for willing to share insights to me.

Regards Margahayuland

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