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Operation Breakthrough at Tamalpais High school


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Events have once again reached out across the breath of time and snatched my memory back to a time when as a Freshmen attending Mt. Tamalpias High School when with many of my class mates were catapulted from apathy to participate in the diversity of the real world.  Who would of given a second thought to the events that opened our eyes to the needed diversity we welcomed as participants of Operation Breakthrough in 1967.  46 years later I am back in school working on a paper pointed around diversity in the workplace.

Wow, for those of us who were there, and participated, this brings back so many memories. We learned to listen to others who may have different views, who spoke through their vulnerability, and wanted to change, to connect, to do better. I see my classmates and realize that they each gave me hope that a better day would come. It has. We have made progress, those of us who want progress. It seems easier to understand those who do not. Somehow easier to bear because of the enormous fear of change, and of the unknown. We are all brothers and sisters. We all try to help one another. Change is inevitable. Thank you to those who helped guide us. You all helped me to be a better person.

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