From Protest to Resistance

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Please note: copyright to From Protest to Resistance is held by WNET. All rights reserved. WNET is the premier public media provider of the New York metropolitan area and parent of public television stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21. From Protest to Resistance was originally produced by KQED for National Educational Television (NET) - the predecessor of WNET - and first aired in 1968. A documentary film from 1968 produced by the KQED Film Unit, which in the words of narrator Richard O. Moore: "Is about three veterans of Mississippi [of the Civil Rights movement] who have become peace spokesman for the new opposition activist. It traces their thought and action over the past year, as they see themselves moving from demonstration to political organizing." Features interviews, speeches and political reflections from Mario Savio ("for the new radical politics"), Stokely Carmichael ("speaks for Black Power") and David Harris ("for the non-violent draft resistance"). At one point, Savio expresses his opinion that: "Protest doesn't work and it's something which is very clear now." All three men are wrestling with how to change the direction of U.S. domestic and foreign policy and are united in their opposition to the Vietnam War. Includes scenes of mass demonstrations, arrests and also interviews and speeches by: President Lyndon Johnson; Julian Bond (25:11); Robert Vaughn (25:24); Suzanne Goldberg (Savio's first wife); William Appleman Williams; Herbert Marcuse and Bobby Seale. This film was directed by Moore, Saul Landau and Irving Saraf, with additional photography by Philip Greene. This is indicated by subtitles. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

The TV Archive would like to thank the late Irving Saraf, for donating his 16mm optical print of this film. An Academy Award winning filmmaker, Saraf used to teach film production at San Francisco State University. KQED funded a 2K digital transfer of this print in the Fall of 2015, by Movette Film Transfer in San Francisco. This was broadcast on Ch.9 KQED in the Bay Area on October 24th 2015. Our low-res mp4 DIVA screener is derived from that new 2K master.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm b&w, optical sound film
Rights for this video belong to
WNET.ORG Properties LLC
Date aired
Originally aired on
KQ 1005-2K

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