Dame Judith Anderson on Playing Hamlet

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from August 28th 1970 by Belva Davis featuring scenes from a press conference by Australian actress Dame Judith Anderson (1898-1992), who is touring the U.S. with her performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet. She explains that: "I don't think about Hamlet being a man. I think of him as Hamlet. And I'm going to try to play his emotions, what he suffers, who he is and what he is." She goes on to declare that: "It's of course the greatest challenge of my life to play this part ... I have to do it, I'm impelled to do it." At one point, she also rebukes Davis when asked about her opinion on women's rights: "I warned you not to ask me questions like that because I don't know anything about women's liberation."

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archival newsfilm
16mm color, co-magnetic sound film
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KPIX 103060

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I saw her play Hamlet  at Indiana University of PA. It was either 1970 or 1971, I think. I was only 17 or 18. I was amazed.  Annette Rhoads

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