Bobby Seale & Kathleen Cleaver Press Conference

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KTVU News report from April 1968 featuring scenes from a press conference by Oakland-based Black Panther Party members Bobby Seale and Kathleen Cleaver, who are commenting on the killing of Bobby Hutton by Oakland P.D., on April 6th 1968. Seale expresses his conviction that: "They literally murdered Bobby Hutton." Cleaver reads out a statement from her jailed husband (Eldridge Cleaver):  "It is my opinion that this is the latest in a series of attempts to liquidate the leadership of the Black Panther Party. At first they moved against Huey P. Newton ... and they are well advanced in framing Bobby Seale ... and now, for the first time, they have moved directly against me. Shooting me and attempting to kill me. I think this is a calculated plan that been carried out." Thanks to historical researcher and consultant Paul Lee for providing background information on this press conference.

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16mm b&w, co-magnetic sound film
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Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
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archival newsfilm
KT 31-6

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