Edith Green Show: California Chicken Casserole

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Excerpt from an Edith Green cooking show for KRON-TV from May 1954, featuring her recipe for California chicken casserole and coffee frosting for creole cake. Also includes scenes of her promoting Captain's Choice frozen products, Swift's Premium Brown 'N Serve sausages, Borden's chocolate Glacier Freeze ice cream and California prunes. When Green demonstrates a variation on decorating the cake frosting, she explains: "That's half the fun of cooking, of just thinking up new ways of putting finishing touches on things ... It just gives you a little bit of a lift each time." The TV Archive would like to thank Donald Green and Dana Polan for donating this 16mm film print to our collection.

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cooking show
16mm b&w, optical sound film
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I think it is so important to archive these shows.  It really brings back fond memories of growing up and learning to cook.  These films will be lost to us all soon and people today just don't get to see footage like this.  I recently interviewed Top Chef judge Chef Hugh Acheson and he talked about growing up and watching these shows and people like Jacques Pepin when he was learning to cook.  Thank you for sharing this video and archiving it.

Watched this as kid about 9 years old when this was televised.

Liked Edie Green she made an interest in cooking come about

So pleased that a family kine was donated to the archive.

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