Tom Donahue on the Wild West Festival (1969)

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KQED News report from 1969 featuring a press conference by Tom Donahue (1928-75), who discusses the Wild West Rock Festival that was to have taken place in Golden Gate Park but was cancelled due to protests by locals. Donahue believes that even though the concert never happened, this was a positive experience for the San Francisco community. He states that: "We also felt that a great deal of the good things that have come out of the artistic community in this country have originated in San Francisco. That it's a starting point. Thay may sound chauvanistic but I also think it's the truth." Ends with brief comments from another spokesman, who refers to the "unecessary and ... unwarranted paranoia" that the Wild West project had to deal with. It is worth noting that Donahue was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 as a non-peformer, one of only three disc jockeys to receive that honor to date (2011).

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archival newsfilm
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KQN 486

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