RFK Speech on America's Responsibilities

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from May 16th 1968 featuring an excerpt from a speech by Robert Kennedy at UC Davis's Freeborn Hall, as he considers America's role on the world stage. He declares that: "We have to meet our responsibilities around the world. Sometimes … there will be great danger and great risk. At other times ... there will be great cost. We must meet our responsibilities in the future. Even when that is dangerous and even when that is costly to ourselves. And I think the American people are prepared to meet that cost and make that effort." Kennedy illustrates his argument using the Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Airlift and Marshall Plan as examples. Thanks to Paul Lee for providing the correct date and location of this speech.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b&w, magnetic sound film
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Date aired
May 1968
Originally aired on
KPIX 000004-3

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