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KRON-TV special report from 1965 about the environmental impact of waste disposal in the Bay Area, written and produced by Bob Anderson, as part of 65 titles in their Biography series. Includes an interview with Mayor of Brisbane (San Mateo County) Jess Salmon who states he'd rather have the Bay filled with garbage which yields city revenue than "clean dirt" from San Bruno mountain. Also features many views of garbage dumps, a tickertape parade, household garbage disposal and polluted shoreline areas. Opens with a brief introduction by KRON-TV's Vice President and GM Harold P. See, who explains: "We felt the historical and educational value of these films should not be lost to those individuals or groups whose daily schedule did not permit them to witness the original broadcast." This film was directed by Al Scollay and narrated by Art Brown.

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16mm b&w, optical sound film
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This documentary contains views of the San Francisco garbage dump in Brisbane circa 1965.  Landfills then lined many portions of San Francisco Bay.  It also contains material about the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's early regulation of air pollution.  The discussion around 21:30 about fires being set to automobiles in the Hunters Point area circa 1964 in order to "clean" them to salvage their metal is frighteningly amazing 50 years later.

I remember this documentary well. It was one of the first calls that we cannot continue treating garbage the way it had been done. And this was five years before Earth Day. San Francisco garbage was dumped then in Brisbane (next door). Now, the refuse that is not recyclable is hauled out of state to be dumped.

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