All Four Winds

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A film by Georges T. Paruvanani from 1980 which looks at ethnic diversity in San Francisco. Features scenes of: parades and ceremonies in Chinatown; entertainment at the Café Trieste in North Beach and interviews with Italian Americans at Café Roma, one of whom reflects that "San Francisco is definitely a little corner of Italy; the Columbus Day parade, with brief views of Mayor Dianne Feinstein waving to crowds; a community festival in the Mission District with dancing, street performers, street boxing and an interview with Dennis Banks who says (in relation to immigrants) that "I love San Francisco because it represents a lot of cultural activity ... San Francisco represents a place where they can come and not be ashamed of their culture ... you can be proud of who you are"; views of the Japan Center and a visit with a Japanese American family, who discuss their place in society and offer a music and karate demonstration; a Japanse American parade; an interview with Dr. Carlton Goodlett who considers the relative progress of civil rights and states how: "In San Francisco, with the flair that it has (international reputation), the racism is covert rather than overt ... Blacks are on a treadmill of conversation leading nowhere ... San Francisco is a typical city controlled by white males suffering from three scourges: sexism, racism and classism"; a performance of Laotian music and interview with Long Ngoc̩ Nguyen and his Vietnamese family in their apartment; a wedding ceremony on the Golden Gate Bridge's footpath; the Gay Pride Parade, including the Dykes on Bikes and an interview with Police Chief Charles Gain. This film was edited by Tim Metzger, interviews are conducted by writer, director and producer Paruvanani and sound is by Saul Rouda. The TV Archive would like to thank Saul Rouda for lending us his 16mm A & B rolls, to remaster this film and Hieu T. Tran, MSW for his Vietnamese language translation of the Long Ngoc̩ Nguyen interview.

Originally aired on
Saul Rouda
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm color, magnetic sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Saul Rouda
Type of material
documentary film
Rouda 3

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