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A KRON-TV news report from 1962 in Sausalito on the Committee for Non-Violent Action's construction of the trimaran sailboat 'Everyman' (designed by Arthur Piver), which a three man crew intends to sail from San Francisco Bay to Christmas Island, in protest against U.S. nuclear testing in the Pacific. Features interviews with the three men and Robert Swann (1918-2003) states that: "We feel so strongly ... that the many millions of children that are going to be maimed or somehow harmed by these tests are well worth the risk of free mens lives." Also includes views of the trimaran under construction and being sailed out under Golden Gate Bridge. It should be noted that the crew were eventually arrested by a U.S. Marshall on board a Coastguard cutter and taken back to San Francisco. Piver was lost at sea in March 1968, en route from San Francisco Bay to San Diego.

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