'War will cease when men refuse to kill'

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A KRON-TV news report from 1962 outside the United States Atomic Energy Commission building in San Francisco, featuring interviews with two men protesting against nuclear weapons testing, who are eventually arrested. One of them is a sailor, holding a placard which reads 'Why repeat Krushchev's crime?' He is arrested by the Armed Services Police. The other protestor (Mike Marcus) lays down in front of the building entrance, holding a sign that reads 'War will cease when men refuse to kill'. His friend Fred tries to persuade him to move before being arrested and attempts to carry Mike away. He rebukes Fred: "I wish you would stay out of this ... I would not be violent enough to carry you away from something you believed sincerely in." Mike is arrested and carried away on a stretcher.

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special report
BetaSP video tape
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KRON 109-3

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