Who Really Shot Bobby Kennedy?

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A KPIX-TV special report by Mike Hegedus from June 2, 1988, which examines the facts and theories surrounding the assassination of New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was shot in the Ambassador Hotel's kitchen pantry (Los Angeles, CA) on June 5 and died on June 6,1968. Features interviews with: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Senator Kennedy's daughter); Pierre Salinger (former Kennedy Aide); Roosevelt Grier (former Kennedy Aide); Frank Burns (former Kennedy Aide); Dan Moldea (investigative reporter); Greg Stone (political scientist); Dr. Thomas Noguchi (former L.A. County Medical Examiner); Paul Schrade (former Kennedy Aide); William Bailey (former FBI agent); Cmdr. William Booth (L.A. Police Department); Tom McDonald (Kranz Report Investigator); Lowell Bradford (forensic scientist) and Paul Sharaga (former L.A. police officer). This report considers how the direction and angle of ballistics at the crime scence seem to contradict some eyewitness reports of what happened, poses the question of how many shooters were really in the kitchen pantry and appraises the 1975 Thomas F. Kranz report on the incident. Greg Stone contends that: "We have to measure in the whole course of public events since then the ongoing impact of the loss of leaders of the caliber of Robert Kennedy and also of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, so issues of this kind are at the very center really of an understanding of our history, of an understanding of what can go wrong in the democratic process." This report was written by Hegedus, produced by Molly McCrea, photographed by Rick Lee and edited by Andres Alegria. Please note that the picture quality of the only available 1-inch video master was unstable. Thanks to Paul Lee for his editorial comments.

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