Black Panthers and the need for gun control

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KRON-TV News footage from the late 1960s in which California's Chief Deputy Attorney General Charles O'Brien (1925-2008) argues there should be greater gun controls, referencing the Black Panthers showing up at an airport armed with guns to meet Betty Shabazz (Malcolm X's widow). O'Brien says he does not believe that in the "urban environment we have in California" that we should allow people to carry guns "in an excited and hostile atmosphere," and laments that there was no way to prosecute the Panthers under the current law. "We have to protect society from nuts with guns." Ends with a brief overhead glimpse of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale walking down stairs. This footage was probably used in 'Eyes on the Prize II' and may or may not be a compilation of clips rather than one report. [Originally shot on 16mm film, a BetaSP videotape master was made by KRON-TV and was used to produce this low-res online screener.] Remastered, edited and catalogued for the web by Shira Peltzman.

Type of material
KRON-TV footage
BetaSP Video Tape
Rights for this video belong to
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Date aired
late 1960s
Originally aired on
KRON 133-1

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