Bobby Seale discusses surprise arrests

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KPIX Eyewitness news report by Dave Monsees from April 2nd, 1969, featuring a press conference by Bobby Seale, who discusses the recent arrests of 21 members of the Black Panther Party who were charged with conspiring to kill police and bomb New York police precincts, department stores, and other public buildings. Seale announces that the Black Panther Party National Headquarters had been alerted by the Black Panther Ministry of Information to a number of "surprise" arrests and calls on people across the country to "scorn and denounce the action of this capitalistic government's attempts to try to destroy the Black Panther Party." Seale describes the Party as a "movement for the revolutionary struggles going on, for change." Concludes with Seale claiming that "the pig power structure is being exposed." Remastered, edited and catalogued for the web by Shira Peltzman.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b+w, co-magnetic sound film
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KPIX 38277

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My father told me about this event, I'm surprised I actually found Bobby's reaction to it, recorded here! My dad woke up one fine morning to see his friends arrested, and then Bobby Seal was quick to come out and discuss the whole surprise arrest situation. He still says those were some of the hottest days of his life. Many Thanks, Amanda Lockhart Techmechanic

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