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Conference for a United Front Against Fascism


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Dear  Organization,we beg your help,we are perishing in our country! I am writing you from the capital of Hungary,the country  from central Europe,which  has being transformed into fascistic country,now the country is being ruled by party FIDESZ-fascistic party,and on the secondth place for popularity is JOBBIK-openly fascistic party with open fascistic marches on the streets! The leader of jobbik bring up young  insane aggressive  fascists-with  them he planning to create a future in Hungary and take care of old fascists,they only worthy to have high pension and eat chocolate.As for ruling party,they consider any foreigner unworthy to live in the country,because all foreign is evil for them,even if you are educated European-you are foreigner,you are not Hungarian! Both these  2 parties take care very much of remaining “native Hungarian nationality”,but who are “native Hungarians “now-stupid,uneducated crowd,which don’t want to study  and most of them  now live very good,because they do criminal I feel shame for them,but they are not ashamed for themselves,they think,thea are doing everything right!.We are Hungarians too,but we are educated and law-abiding family and now it became unbearable to live in our country,because of this stupidity and hot bed for all kinds of criminal! We are suffering for 3 years because of 20-year-old drug  fascistic drug seller with his night debouches with other hooligans,which  dwelled illegally in the flat above us,we called police for many times at nights and wrote about it to authorities,but it is all the same for them,they are fascists themselves.And because of the inaction this drug seller,our neighbor July 23 attacked and severly beaten my disabled mother and me,trying to cause deadly trauma to us  shouting : For party! Now my father,the only bead winner,risking his life twice a day going to and coming back from his job.Now we are in mortal danger,because  it is very likely he will kill us all in our doorway with other like him,he always brings other mobsters with him to the flat.                Please,help to stop it,because the authorities trying to eliminate all educated and disabled in the country!   Shoul it be in central Europe in 21 century?

Lets unite our efforts to stop fascism in Europe and in the world!

Kristina Regoczi

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