Eldridge Cleaver's release from prison

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KPIX Eyewitness footage from August 13th, 1976 featuring Eldridge Cleaver's release from prison on bail. Includes views of Kathleen Cleaver looking on while Eldridge Cleaver gives a press conference in which he says, "when I left the country back in 1968 we were saying that the FBI and CIA in concert with local police agencies were involved in a conspiracy to destroy the Black Panther Party ... I'm very happy that over the years events have proven that we knew what we were talking about." Also features scenes of Eldridge Cleaver's lawyer discussing the upcoming court case, in which he says they will prove Cleaver's innocence. Please note some audio distortion is present. Remastered, edited and catalogued for the web by Shira Peltzman.

Originally aired on
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm color, co-magnetic sound film
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Type of material
archival newsfilm
KPIX 131906

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