Mayor Art

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Please note: This 'kinescope' recording was originally made in 1959 by filming the picture from a live video monitor. The picture quality - especially sharpness - is much lower than the rest of our footage produced on 16mm film. KRON-TV kinescope film recording from October 20th 1960 featuring live scenes from the Mayor Art show, with host Art Finley (born Art Finger). This children's show aired weekday afternoons on KRON-TV in San Francisco beginning in 1959 through 1966. Includes scenes of Mayor Art telling jokes with his young guests, demonstrating toys and interacting with hand puppets and props. "Mayor Art's Almanac" was the first TV newscast for children in the U.S., and the State of California awarded Finley two gold medals for the feature, in 1963 and 1965.

As of September 2016, this is the only surviving copy of a Mayor Art show that has been found in the Ch.4 KRON-TV Collection.

Type of material
16mm kinescope film
Rights for this video belong to
Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Date aired
Originally aired on
KRON 532

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