Harvey Milk supports gambling in San Francisco

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from June 16th 1978 by Ed Arnow featuring Proposition 13 and the attempt to legalize gambling in San Francisco, which is supported by Supervisor Harvey Milk. When asked why he supports this measure, Milk states: "We need money, we need jobs and people have gambled since the history of mankind. Why not tie the three together?" When Arnow questions Milk about potential sources of oppostion to this idea, Milk predicts it will come: "From the mafia, from the State of Nevada and from the Bible thumpers, who have never complained about the gambling in the churches of the city." Ends with brief views of some men playing cards.

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KPIX 140641

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I strongly believe Harvey is a brave and clever man. His explanation about why do we need gambling (''We need money, we need jobs'') is simple and at the same time, it works always. I hope the gambling with Harvey Milk's advice will be legalized in all the world.

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