Earl Van Best in Court

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KPIX news footage from August 31st 1962, featuring brief/silent views of Earl Van Best standing before a judge in San Francisco, for sentencing. Van Best was being tried for the offense of eloping to Reno with 13 year old Judy Chandler. As the couple had originally met in San Francisco, in front of Herbert’s Sherbet Shoppe on 9th and Judah in October of 1961, the media referred to this as 'The Ice Cream Romance'. Note: in his book 'The Most Dangerous Animal of All', Van Best's biological son Gary L. Stewart claims that Van Best was in fact the notorious Zodiac Killer. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Note: this 16mm film print was re-transferred in 4K (4096 x 2970) using a Lasergraphics ScanStation film scanner, in September 2021. Film shrinkage was measured in Sept. 2021 at 0.25%.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b&w, silent film
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Date aired
Originally aired on
KPIX 16426

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They'll never catch him until he dies and someone finds his confession.

Earl van best was my cousin Nobody interviewed me

Thank you. was founding this video for my 20 years old child.

@Seldon wrote Yes! You are absolutely right. I also read his book and think the same.

There is NO WAY this Woody Allen looking dweeb, E.V. Best, was the Zodiac. No way. He doesn't match ANY of the known/established descriptions of the Zodiac: 5'8" to 5'10", 220 to 240 lbs., light brownish-blonde hair with a reddish tinge (SFPD officers Fouke and Zelms) with a Welsh look. STOCKY, shuffling lope, or limp, very strange voice, "very large face" (Michael Mageau). E.V. Best matches NONE of these established descriptions!!!! The ONLY "match" other than the highly common glasses Best wore is the fact that he was male! Even then, he was one wimpy looking guy! NOTHING like what Mageau, Hartnell, Fouke, Zelms, and the Robbins kids (Stine case) described. PLUS, Best looks NOTHING like the composite sketch! SHEESH!

image conviction in san francisco in the 60 rare file.

This nerdy dweeb seems to be identified as Zodiac, the white Steve Erkel

This nerdy dweeb seems to be identified as Zodiac, the white Steve Erkel

This video and the mugshot are from 1962.  The Zodiac attacks occured in late 1968 and 1969.

Where is a picture of Earl Van Best in 1969???

What is Earl Van Best motive for becoming the Zodiac?

If you use the solved cyphers as your rosetta stone ( Which you should do ) There is no way that the code spells Earl Van Best Jr.  For instance Zodiac's A was substituted for W or S never used for an E, so how can it be Earl ????? None of the symbols were the correct letters Gary used. He made up his own and when I told him , he said to me that his father didn't care what the symbols meant . I can tell you that it was very important to the real Zodiac !  I think Gary's life story is fascinating even though I am very sure his father was not Zodiac. Zodiac is still very much alive and living in the bay area of Ca.

I take back that comment Brian as I just read ciphers cannot be decoded as anagram (out of sequence) fashion, as you can get anything you want in that manner. Using a straight method it is not earl at the start. I'm having doubts...

Brian, I saw your decoding. It looks like this actually might be the guy, dweeb and all.

Regarding the new Zodiac Killer book in which the author provides evidence that Zodiac was his father: I decoded Zodiac’s 1970 “my name is” cipher and indeed, the decoded name matches the name the author provided in the book.  Check out my article here along with the deciphered code at the bottom of the article: http://altereddimensions.net/2014/book-author-claims-zodiac-killer-is-his-father

I think he really loves other man. He loves that man and lives with 4 cats that's why he loves that man and his mom and bobcat and touches things with his spikes. If you read this you also love man

This is the same "Earl Van Best" whom this author says is his father (Earl Van Best, Jr) and whom he claims was the Zodiac killer in this story that just came out today. The book is  "The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father ... and Finding the Zodiac Killer," Fascinating to see this old footage taken just a few years before he started his killing spree. He does look just like the composite sketches!: http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/13/us/lousiana-man-book-father-zodiac-killer/


I think that this is the guy that is identified as the Zodiak Killer in a new book written by his son. The title of the book is The Most Dangerous Animal of All.

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