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KPIX Eyewitness news report from December 20th 1972 by Frank Goran in Oakland, featuring interviews with organizers (Bill Parr?) and young men who attend a newly opened youth center on East 15th Street, including Alan Briggs (the 2nd interview). Please note: we have no paperwork for this news clip but from listening to Goran's report it appears this youth center was opened by the San Antonio Area Youth Project.

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16mm color, co-magnetic sound film
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archival newsfilm
KPIX 110568

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Good old memory


Bill Parr and the house changed my life I'm second in the video by the way Bill advised me counseled me and kept me on a straight and narrow line never allowed me to get out of control on the streets that were out of control. The only regret I have is never being able to say thank you) Bill for all that you did for me in my life but I used everything that you taught me and have now taught by children Joyce if you read this love you for all the care that you gave to me I'll never forget you.... Let us never forget where we came from Brothers.. Alan Briggs OAKLAND CA. RETIRED UC.BERKELEY

http:/ like a big family I spent. My early teens there, thank you bill , Joe  v.  And all your staff & people who took time in their lives to  better a wild child like me.

The SAAYP was referred to as the "House" or the "Project" by those of us who were part of it. William "Bill" Parr founded the Project in 1966 and was its Executive Director for 20-years when he stepped down due to illness.  That's me in the being interviewed first. I remember everyone else in the video too. 

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