Pipe Bomb at State & Union Square Rally

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KTVU News report from January 1969 at San Francisco State College by Claud Mann featuring scenes of riot police scuffling with picketers on 19th Avenue and making arrests, followed by views of the US Army bomb squad arriving on campus and a press conference about the pipe bomb that they removed. There is a press conference with the Committee for an academic environment in which a spokesman claims: “Citizens and parents must realize that SF State is in great danger and it could be closed permanently. If this happens the radicals and the militants would have won a major victory.” A speaker is heckled by students at a downtown San Francisco rally in Union Square to support President S.I. Hayakawa and spectators are seen arguing heatedly with each other. The speaker refers to the protesters as: “The anti-intellectuals who pose themselves as the college community … But we recognize also that these people are one of the community’s many problems!” Ends with more views of riot police and picket lines back at the campus.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color, co-magnetic sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
Date aired
Originally aired on
KTVU 20-2

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