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RFK Visits Concord (CA)


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I am the little girl at 2;45 in the bottom left corner in the green dress. I was 11. It was hotter than hell that day and Kennedy was extremely late while the band played This Land is Your Land over and over and over. I wasn’t happy to be there but when he arrived and spoke, I was captivated and loved his sincerity and compassion.

RFK is shaking my hand 4 minutes 20 seconds into this.  Young man in blue shirt 12 yrs old. I just found this footage.

Unbelievable!  . . . You mean to tell mE that R.F.K. was right here in my  own county of Contra Costa on his last stop before being assassinated down south at the Ambassador Hotel!. Why do they suppress this kind of information? Could it be true that they just wanna beat it over our heads just how bad the world is? So our news media which they control is filled with stories about  killings, fires, natural disasters, collapsing economy's and any  other negative vibe they want the masses to digest? T.V. has to be one of the greatest weapons that was ever invented? Believe mE it is used as a weapon, And don't let mE get started on video games and how much of our youths lives are spent in front of a screen?. . . .  And when it comes down to it, it is all about Control  .. . . . . . 

Two years ago I would have said NO! . . . . . But what I know now would lead mE to believe. . . . . in only the T*R*U*T*H* . . . . . .and the TRUTH is . . . . .--- Telling*Richmond's"*Untold*True*History* ----     So now that I think about it, . . . . R.F.K. appearing right here in our backyard of Concord Ca., doesn't surprize mE  that  much, 'cause they did the same thing with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, when he appeared in my hometown of Richmond Ca., just up the road from here on St. Valentines Day, 1964! . . . . The very same week that a "Manchurian Candidate" appeared 31 seconds past Midnight in a Government ran mind-control project known as . . . . "Operation Midnight Climaxxx!" . . . .                                  BELIEVE IT OR NAUGHT*T!. . . . .

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