American Indian Alcatraz Proclamation

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KRON News report from November 10th 1969 by Mike Mills featuring views of reporters, federal authorities and American Indian activists on Alcatraz Island, followed by scenes of Mohawk Richard Oakes reading a proclamation to the Regional Director of the US government's General Services Administration Thomas E. Hannon: “We the Native Americans reclaim this land known as Alcatraz Island in the name of all American Indians by right of discovery. We wish to be fair and honorable in our dealings with the Caucasian inhabitants of this land and hereby offer the following treaty. We will purchase said Alcatraz Island for $24 and glass beads and red cloth, a precedent set by the white man’s purchase of a similar island about 300 years ago.” Also includes an interview with Oakes in which he elaborates on the American Indian activists plans for Alcatraz. After listening to Oakes, Hannon offers everyone a lift back to the mainland, which they accept. Also see KPIX-TV's news report from the same day, currently streaming in DIVA (film reference number KPIX 100633).

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm color, magnetic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
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Originally aired on
KRON 678-3

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