Assignment Four: The Making of a Governor

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A KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary report from 1966, narrated by Art Brown, featuring a look at the California Gubernatorial campaign race between incumbent Pat Brown (Democrat) and Ronald Reagan (Republican). Reagan won the election on November 8th by a landslide of nearly one million votes and KRON presents an analysis of why this happened and asks if it reflects a change of attitudes in the American people. Includes views of: Reagan speaking at the Alisal Guest Ranch (Santa Barbara County) and the Kiwanis Club (Lynwood, Los Angeles County); Brown speaking in San Diego and San Bernadino; Reagan's campaign manager Bill Roberts (of Spencer-Roberts); the Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco; a barbeque fundraiser at Reagan's Malibu Canyon ranch; Robert Kennedy arriving at Burbank Airport to support Brown's campaign and speaking about race relations at UC Berkeley on October 22nd 1966 and of both candidates speaking on election night, after the result becomes known. Also features a consideration of how minority groups have not been sharing in the State's recent prosperity and notes that Reagan's campaign focuses on welfare, to try and address these concerns. This film first aired on November 21st 1966, was produced by Bob Anderson, Al Berglund and Don Zavin and written by Al Berglund. The director was Vern Louden.

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16mm color optical sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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documentary film
KRON 511

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