Assignment Four - Where Are We Going?

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A KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary report from 1967, narrated by Art Brown, which considers if there is "a solution to the tangled snarl of Bay Area transportation" and looks at the different means of commuting to work. Includes scenes featuring: the Tiburon to San Francisco ferry; Southern Pacific commuter trains; the SFO helicopter service; San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI); the Ferry Building; the Bay Bridge (note that the bridge toll was 35 cents); Alameda Contra Costa Transit Line; Union Square; hovercrafts; trams; commuter traffic; freeways; Golden Gate Bridge (good views) and the Bay Area Rapid Transit test track (BART), which was under construction then and opened in 1972. Also includes many views of pedestrians walking in downtown San Francisco and of people commuting to work. This film was written and produced by Don Zavin and directed by Merle Ellis.

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16mm color, optical sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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documentary film
KRON 449

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This documentary was a good look at Bay Area commuting as it existed in 1967, with two forms of commuting that never fully developed, helicopter and hovercraft commuting; and one that was being developed, BART.  And the question is still should we put more resources into public transit or into more roads?

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