Assignment Four - "What will happen to Carlito?"

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A KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary report from 1969, narrated by Phil Wilson, which presents "a report on the rising expectations of California's three million Spanish surnamed citizens." Includes interviews with Dr. Juan Martinez at San Francisco State College about the increasing political awareness of Mexican Americans and with youth worker Roberto Vargas, who analyzes the drop out rate of students at Mission High School (from which he graduated in 1958). Also features views of: Henry Menjivar (real name Enrique) of Mission High bringing grievances before San Francisco's Board of Education; the Mission District; students learning at the Mission English Language Center; Mrs Bustillo (a native of Nicaragua) working as a family health aide at the UC Medical Center in San Francisco; an interview with Ben Rivera of the Arriba Juntos organization (which means "upward together" and provides employment through it's New Careers program); an interview with Robert Strauss (Regional Director of the Small Business Administration); a speech by David Sanchez of the San Francisco Board of Education; students discussing their future at San Jose High School and ethnic dancing. This film was written and produced by Al Berglund and directed by Merle Ellis. Please note that the KRON-TV camera was slightly out of focus when filming David Sanchez.

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Date aired
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16mm color, optical sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
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documentary film
KRON 454

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Phil Wilson later went on to anchor the old "10:00 News" on Seattle-Tacoma's KSTW-TV. 

I love this, my father, ' Roberto Vargas', has and will always be an outstanding parent, poet, activist, etc.. Love you Papi! Micaela

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