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Take this Hammer (the Director's Cut)


  • KQ 327A 2K audio restoration.mp4 (900.54 MB – MPEG4 video)


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Thank you for archiving this important piece of San Francisco to the history, the present, and the deferred futures of many San Franciscans. 

Thanks Alex for all the updates. Viewing Take This Hammer again after several months. I still hear and see and gain new insights into Jimmy Baldwin in this historical context of San Francisco, 1963. Ditto: thanks for preserving and maintaining access to this extraordinarily significant film document!

this is my life and are familys on film i was born in 1967 to thes men i moved to each of thes projects i was that one dancen love everybody kid but had all it took to be on the side of the crazyest i was crazy to but i loved dancen and the ather things that made up them ather things i just couldent let go of as we lost thes places and faces so much as lost for are familys then to be trapd by the things like hate we wasent haven it thers people that show up and got down for whats around im happy my life in this film has been found so now my eyes & mind can rest that you got the info and it was raw as i lived it thanks for this film im poptart aka the fillmore kid thats my strutters name my group is the demons of the minds as well p-t 3000 i have the dance side of are lifes over here with me in tartproductions & the brs thes are the key lines to are inter city kids from back then that made up the dancer we call boogaloo robottin or struttin struttin is the name for san francisco ca and im a strutter thats here to put back and keep up the works in the arts of are peoples peaces and thanks for this film it let k=me know its ok to go back to work loven were i came from sf ca 

yes! many thanks for preserving and restoring this film.

thank you for keeping this film alive

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