Willie Brown & Residents on Hunters Point Uprising II

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KRON News footage from September 29th 1966 featuring more interviews with residents of Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco, who share reactions to the social uprising taking place in their neighborhood and a curfew that's been imposed. One man describes how: "Somebody threw … a little fire out in the street and they come down with National Guard, trucks and police and lined both sides of the street with rifles and point them up at the windows. And people had their families and kids looking out the window. And they was saying get in and ... I don't think that was necessary." A woman reflects how: "I feel that the ones that are sitting downtown, I feel that they should get a little more interest in what is going on." Also includes a brief interview on the sidewalk with State Assemblyman Willie Brown, who describes measures needed to address social inquality in the neighborhood. Also see film reference number KRON 686-1.

Type of material
archival newsfilm
16mm b&w negative, magnetic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
Date aired
Originally aired on
KRON 686-3

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