Dr Carlton Goodlett on Police Behavior

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KRON News footage from September 29th 1966, featuring a press conference by Dr Carlton Goodlett, who reflects on police conduct during the Bayview Hunters Point social uprising. He states that: "I for one think that we should never forget the fact that San Francisco has followed the national pattern in which racial violence has been triggered by a police-negro community conflict. And in this instance the slaying of the 16 year old youngster [Matthew 'Peanut' Johnson] ... nobody in offical authority in this town has gone before the citizenry and said that this police officer will be brought to justice." He also points out that many African Americans who have been trying to help on the streets have been assaulted or threatened by police, explaining that: "I faced a shotgun twice last night."

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16mm b&w negative, magnetic sound film
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Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
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archival newsfilm
KRON 686-12

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